Larson Ladder Company

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Main Location

San Jose

-1897 - 1968

Larson Ladder was a San Jose manufacturer well known for their orchard ladders. George Larson started building orchard ladders in 1897 for his own orchard on Saratoga Ave. George died by 1922, but his three sons (Louis, George, and William Larson) kept the company going. The company had a plant on Moorpark Ave. west of Meridian Ave. by 1928, with 20-40 workers producing orchard ladders, washboards, ironing boards[1], and other wooden items[2]. The plant expanded to a two story building in 1935. During a 1941 strike, the company had grown to 108 workers[3].

The company expanded to space in the Laurelwood Farms industrial area in Santa Clara in 1945[4]. The company may also have been considering a facility on Almaden Road in San Jose in 1952[5].

Larson Ladder closed down in 1968[6].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1928-1945 Moorpark Avenue, west of Meridian.
Santa Clara 1945-1968


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