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Bountiful, Valley Belt, Twin Peaks, Tallac, Redwood, Mayfield, J. W. M., Graton, Fairplay, Blue Lawn, and Canal.

Green Valley Canning Company,

San Leandro Canning Company, P. L. Sanguinetti Canning Company

John W. McCarthy Jr. and Company was a California canner with packing plants in Mountain View, Graton, Healdsburg, and Santa Cruz. John W. McCarthy Jr. founded the company in 1914[1]. The company canned many kinds of fruits and vegetables, and also produced catsup and hot sauce.

The Mountain View plant had formerly been the P. L. Sanguinetti Canning Company; it was bought by McCarthy and operated under the old name. The Graton cannery was leased.

In 1920, the company became a Delaware corporation. The John W. McCarthy Jr. and Company estate went bankrupt in 1922. The company was reported sold to Charles Mel in 1922[2], with the cannery's name changing to Northern California Packing Company. However, the sale must not have gone through; the next year, the trustees for McCarthy reported a sale to the San Leandro Canning Company for $100,000 [3] The report claimed that others had offered to operate the cannery with an option to buy, but the deals fell through.


Location Years Address Details
Graton 1922 Former Green Valley Canning Company.
Healdsburg 1918 Healdsburg Canning Company
Mountain View 1919, 1921 Front Street

West of Bailey Avenue

San Francisco 1916 Santa Marina Building[4] offices
Santa Cruz 1922


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