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Berger, Fleming and Brown

National Axle was a machine shop on the east side of San Jose. S. Clyde Kyle was vice-president of the company. National Axle built its plant on the former Luna Park amusement park site at Berryessa Road and the Old Oakland Road, near North 15th Street, in San Jose.

According to December 16, 1920 American Machinist, merged in December, 1920 with Berger and Carter (Hayward), Smith Manufacturing (San Jose), Wonder Dehydrator (San Francisco), and National Axle( San Jose). The new company would be called "Berger Fleming and Brown, with main offices in San Jose. The B&C Machinery factory was going to move to Smith Manufacturing's site, while a new plant at National Axle would build dehydrators according to "The Canner] in December 1920.Some details of the plant are in an ad run by Berger and Carter in the August 20, 1920 San Jose Evening News. The ad documents the $150,000 in equipment being installed in July, 1920.

by 1927, National Axle's former building was being reused as an industrial incubator[1]


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1920 Berryessa Road