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Main Location

San Jose

Pacific Shingle and Box was a lumber and building materials manufacturer incorporated in San Jose in 1905[1][2] Directors of the new company were J.C. McPherson of Santa Clara, Rose J. McPherson of Santa Clara, D. W. Rice of San Jose, John Roll of Santa Clara, and I. Herrington of Santa Clara. The company was declared to be bankrupt in February 1915[3].

1909: listed as "Santa Clara" in pamphlet on California forestry Mountain Democrat 1915: "

J C McPherson president and manager of the now Pacific Shingle and Box Company of San Jose was accused of making a false statement regarding the financial condition of the shingle and box company to Bradstreet's Commercial Agency and that by reason of said false statement the shingle and box company secured credit from the C D Danaher Pine Company of this county in a sum ex- of which amount the Danaher Company lost over 83.000 The complaint was sworn to by M A Leach manager and sales agent for the Danaher Company last year The offense alleged constituted a demeanor punishable with a tine not exceeding or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months or both fine and ment A jury was impaneled consisting of Robert Blair Charles Dover J W Shanklin T J Martin J R grift H E Burke H H Fiske Dr W W Stone Edward Scherrer A G Volz R N Day and J H Straten District Attorney Abe Darlington assisted by Judge Samuel Knight of San Francisco appeared for the prosecution and Louis O'Neal of San Jose and C A Swisler of Sacramento appeared for the de- fense About a dozen witnesses were in attendance from San Jose Palo Alto San Francisco and Sacramento The evidence in the case was all in by 4 o'clock Thursday evening and the District Attorney made the opening argument for the prosecution Mr O'Neal followed for the defense er which an adjournment was taken until 9 o'clock Friday morning jor Swisler summed up the case briefly for the defense after which Judge made the closing ar- gument for the people IX o tions wer e given by the court to the jury the members of which were left to judge for themselves At the jury retired and at they dered a verdict of not and the defendent was discharged "

Won lawsuit against Santa Clara Valley Canning Company in 1921, levied claim on land owned by company[4] Complaints about unfairness of shipping costs between Westwood and Bay Area vs Red Bluff and Bay Area in CRC decisions, comments about routing.

Pacific Shingle and Box's plant was labelled as "at Park Ave. and the Narrow Gauge". A later newspaper article notes that the company established a modern factory at 654 Park Ave. two years before in 1912[5]. Plant burned in 1915, loss of $15,000.[6]

J. C. McPherson was arraigned in January 1915 in El Dorado County for "making a false statement for the purpose of obtaining property or credit", based on claims he misrepresented facts to Bradstreet's[7]. Charges were dropped in April[8].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1907-1917 654 Park Avenue "at narrow gauge". Plant burned in 1915[9].


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