Precita Canning Company

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Main Location

San Francisco


Precita Canning Company was a San Francisco cannery in existence from 1890 to 1906. The company was founded by Sai Yin Chew in 1890. After the cannery's destruction in the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, the company moved to Alviso and renamed itself the Bayside Canning Company.

Few contemporary records exist for Precita Canning; however, a Presidio Fruit Canning is mentioned and may be a corruption of the name. News reports after the earthquake measure their pre-disaster capacity as 100,000 cases a year[1]. However, California Secretary of State records do show a Presidio Fruit Canning Company in existence[2].


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1906 Broadway and Sansome[3]


  1. General Merchandise: July 5, 1906 Adelaide (Australia) Advertiser. "According to San Francisco mail advices, the destruction of the following fruit canneries is reported: ... Presidio Fruit Canning Company, capacity 100,000 cases...".
  2. Presidio Fruit Canning Company: Report of the Secretary of State of California for fifty-sixth and fifty-seventh years, ending June 30, 1906: ist of corporations in California Presidio Fruit Canning Company was registered in California on July 22, 1904 with $40,000 in capital stock. No Precita Canning exists in the list.
  3. Large Losses Reviewed: [July 18, 1906 San Francisco Call]. "Presidio was insured by Royal Caledonian of Niagra, New York.