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Main Location

San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Call was a San Francisco-based newspaper. It was originally founded in December 1856 as the Morning Call, changing its name in March 1895 to the San Francisco Call when it was purchased by John D. Spreckels.

In 1913, the newspaper was purchased by M. H. de Young, owner of the San Francisco Chronicle and sold to William Randolph Hearst of the San Francisco Examiner, who merged it with the Evening Post to become the San Francisco Call & Post. In 1929, the newspaper name was merged with the San Francisco Bulletin to become the San Francisco Call-Bulletin, and in 1959, this newspaper merged with Scripps-Howard's San Francisco News to become the San Francisco News-Call Bulletin. Finally, in 1965, the paper merged with the San Francisco Examiner to disappear altogether.[1]




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