Stevens Fruit Case Company

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Main Location

San Francisco, CA

The Stevens Fruit Case Company was a crate maker in California. The company was founded in 1892, and existed at least through 1907[1]. Officers of the company at inception were G. W. van Hovenbergh, F. D. Cottle, George W. Stevens, Frank Frisbee, and W. H. Gilbert. The Stevens crates had a special liner for keeping fruit safe during the long trip to eastern markets, and used inserts to keep fruit separated[2][3].

The company had a plant in San Jose on Bassett Street. A fire behind their factory in 1901 was started in a pile of wood lath.

By 1905, the company was listed in as having its incorporation forfeited or revoked[4]. However, the company still appeared in San Jose city directories as late as 1907[5].


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1893 307 Front Street[6][7]
San Francisco 1895 322 Pine St.[8]
San Jose 1896-1907[9] Bassett near North San Pedro Street


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