Stillman A. Moulton drying yard

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Main Location

San Jose

Orchard Home Evaporating Works, San Jose Dried Fruit Company

San Tomas Drying Company

Sillman A. Moulton ran a dryer in San Jose at the turn of the century. Moulton also was a director in the San Jose Dried Fruit Company, which declared the same (or nearby) address. It's unclear whether these were separate businesses, or just different names for the same business.

Fruit dryer, "Orchard Home Evaporating Works". Full bio here Fruit shipper. Profiled in September 1, 1890 Evening News Started drying fruit for his own 15 acres, then started buying neighbors' fruit. 50-60 tons of fruit a day, 1200 tons of fruit a season in 1890. "Purchased 11 acres on the railroad and erected the present works."

Moulton also patented an anti-snoring device.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1890, 1896 Bascom Ave. near Hamilton Avenue

Bascom listed as "Infirmatory Road". Listed as "Campbell" in 1896 San Jose City Directory