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Main Location


Bayside Canning Company

The Sutter Packing Company was a cannery in Palo Alto, located on Portage Ave. in the Mayfield area. The cannery was founded in 1918 as a second plant for the Bayside Canning Company. When Thomas Fong Chew died in 1931, the plant was sold to Yuba City-based Sutter Packing. Sutter closed in 1949 as local farms and orchards gave way to development. Fry's Electronics currently uses the building.[1][2].

The company was hiring Stanford students during the 1943 season[3][4].

In the mid 1930's, Sutter Packing was operating for about four and a half months each year canning spinach, apricots, peaches, and tomatoes. The cannery would work for eight to twelve hours a day with 300 employees. Sutter was one of the largest users of the Palo Alto sewage system, producing a huge amount of "scum load" which made Mayfield Slough smell like an outhouse[5][6].


Location Years Address Details
Mayfield 1933-1949 Portage Ave. Now Fry's Electronics.


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