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Sacramento Valley Canning Co.

California Canners and Growers

The Thornton Canning Company was a cannery in Thornton, in the Sacramento Delta region. Dale Hollenbeck, Nelson T. Nowell, and Frederic D. Clarke founded the company in 1938, and bought the Sacramento Valley Canning Company cannery and warehouse. The site was along the Western Pacific tracks in Thornton.

The company primarily canned tomatoes, though it also handled apricots[1]. Thornton also did early experiments with canning tomato paste in 55 gallon drums in 1956[2]. By 1958, the company was canning two million cases a year with $10,000,000 in sales.

The company was bought by California Canners and Growers in 1959. "Dale Hollenbeck, president of Thornton Canning Co., said that the sale is in line with the great integration movement currently going on in agriculture, especially in California[3].


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