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Main Location

Santa Clara, CA


Pratt-Low Preserving Company

American Home Foods was an American food processor. The company manufactured Clapp baby food, Duff's cake mix[1], and other food. The company merged with the Pratt-Low Preserving Company in 1960.

American Home Foods in San Jose

American Home Foods moved to the San Jose area in 1943[2]. Part of their purpose in moving was to manufacture food for wounded World War II soldiers. Its initial site was the then-idle United States Products cannery at Race and Moorpark in San Jose. Company officers also claimed the move was for better produce:

"The yield we get from produce in San Jose is far greater than areas housing our other plants... Originally we intended to build the San Jose Clapp plant in the Middle West-- but San Jose's strategic location and her exceptionally good raw materials production made us change our minds... We expected higher costs of operation in San Jose than in the East. But our experience has proven these costs are much lower." - H.W. Roden, President of American Home Products[3].

The company moved to a new plant on Newhall Street in 1945[4][5] The new plant was going to increase the output of 35 items from 10-15%. The new factory was an 85,000 square foot building on a 14 acre site, costing AHF $225,000.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1943 - 1945 Race St. at Moorpark Ave. Former United States Products cannery
San Jose 1945 - 1960 999 Newhall Street at Campbell Avenue


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