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The California Fruit Exchange was a dried fruit packer and marketing organization active in California throughout the 20th century. The organization was founded in 1901 to market and negotiate for farmers[1]. California Fruit Exchange was headquartered in Sacramento.

California Fruit Exchange in San Jose

The California Fruit Exchange operated a plant on Bassett Street in San Jose around 1906. The building had formerly been the Pioneer Fruit Company, though Pioneer continued to have offices in the building. The manager of the San Jose plant in 1906 was F. H. Smith. The building burned during a fire in August 1907[2]. The fire consumed an empty building; "the plant has not been in operation since cherry season."

The exchange encouraged the creation of the Santa Clara Valley Fruit Exchange in 1919, and served as their marketing arm for some period of its existence.


Location Years Address Details
Sacramento 1909 ??? Head office[3]
Sacramento 1932-1966 4th and P Street[4].
San Jose 1904 24 W. Santa Clara
San Jose 1906 Bassett Street near Terraine Burned in 1907[5].
Santa Clara 1964 1061 Martin Avenue


California Fruit Exchange building, 4th and P St., Sacramento


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