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Medal of Honor[1]

The Santa Clara Valley Fruit Exchange was a growers' association for cherry orchardists founded in the Santa Clara Valley in 1919 and incorporated in January 1921[2][3][4]. The organization was apparently founded on the suggestion of the California Fruit Exchange, who noted that cherry growers had received extremely low prices for fresh fruit shipped east in 1918 while canneries paid a premium. The new association would handle distributing the crop either fresh or to the new California Cooperative Canneries that had just opened[5].

In 1928, the organization had 95 members, and had shipped a total of 657 cars of fruit in the previous nine years. Officers in 1928 were H.G. Stelling (Sunnyvale), Harry Mitchell (Willow Glen), William J. Clement (Sunnyvale), Draper Worswick (Willow Glen), and John Peter (Sunnyvale). The organization's mailing address in 1932 was Security Warehouse and Cold Storage plant on North First Street in San Jose. The company was in existence as late as 1944[6]. 1944 directors were H. G. Stelling, Al King, Ross Crump, R.G. Cline, and Nick Barbaccia.

Although the name was used in occasional news reports before 1919[7][8]. These are likely to be mistakes intending to refer to the Santa Clara County Fruit Exchange.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 350 North First Street[9] Security Warehouse and Cold Storage plant.


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