Charles Harvey Bentley

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Charles Harvey Bentley was a prominent San Francisco industrialist and canner, best known as the sales director for the California Packing Corporation.

Bentley was born in San Francisco on August 28, 1869. He went to collect at the University of California, Berkeley, then began his career as a can boy at the Golden Gate Packing Company, working for Elmer Chase. Charles's brother, Robert Irving Bentley, was made manager of the Sacramento Packing Company in 1890, and Charles joined him upon graduation in 1891[1]. After the CFCA's merger with the Sacramento Packing Company in 1899, Bentley became the sales manager. When the California Packing Corporation was formed in 1916, Bentley became its sales director.

Bentley died on December 30, 1922 while watching a footballl game at Stanford Stadium[2].


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