E. B. Howard

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E. B. Howard
Employer E. B. Howard & Company, S. A. Moulton & Company, E. E. Thomas Fruit Company
Occupation dried fruit packer, dried fruit seller

Edward. B. Howard was a San Jose businessman and dried fruit seller. He was "an extensive buyer of fruit and has been a bull in the market. He has been the best friend the fruit men ever had here... had prices advanced on fruit he would have been a big winner[1].

Howard operated as an agent for the Armour Packing Company in a couple forms. In 1896, his company was Howard & St. George, run by him and H. St. George at 161 West Santa Clara St. in San Jose[2].

In 1897, he set up an agreement with S. A. Moulton where they created two separate companies - S. A. Moulton & Company and E. B. Howard & Company; Moulton later was considered liable for some of Howard's debts[3].

In 1899, his company was E. B. Howard & Company, which had a warehouse next to the Inderrieden plant. He also played a part in the collapse of E. E. Thomas Fruit Company, with claims that he forced Thomas to borrow money through his bank.

Howard's financial dealings caused the Union Savings Bank to close down[4]


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