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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose

E. B. Howard & Company was a dried fruit brokerage run by E. B. Howard, with ties to the Armour meat-backing company. The San Francisco Call complained about them as a "plunger and gambler in fruit[1]. Wright "does not deny that he owes the bank a large sum of money but said that it was borrowed in a legitimate way, and that when is affairs are tied up that institution will be repaid its advances, as will other creditors."[2]

The company collapsed in 1899 owing $300,000 to the Union Savings Bank, which also went bankrupt. The collapse was mentioned in "The Sunsweet Story" as one of the formative episodes for Judge Welch and the Welch-Coykendall fight. (Listed as $100,000 owed to the bank, with outstanding checks to other banks and Howard saying he owed $250,000 total.) "Only partially secured by warehouse receipts"[3]. The San Jose warehouse was later occupied by Castle Brothers.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1900 Ryland St.

Next to Inderrieden. Fire in 1899[4].


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