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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

Los Gatos


Foothill, "Curtis's Los Gatos Foothill brand"

Curtis Fruit Company, Los Gatos Drying Works (1902)

H. D. Curtis was a Los Gatos-based drying yard and dried fruit packer[1]. The company sold primarily to Europe where they were in competition with french fruit. The proprietor was Harold D. Curtis, who lived on Santa Cruz Ave.

Curtis's plant was located at north end of town with private spur to railroad. Bruntz's History of Los Gatos shows an ad for the Curtis Dryer[2]: "University Ave. near Grape Food Works, cash price on delivery for all kinds of fruit, bring in your apples! I want them." The storage shed at corner of Cypress (now Roberts Rd) and University Ave. burned in 1901. Supposedly the business supposedly never recovered from the fire[3], but Curtis and his plant show up on a 1904 Sanborn map, and Curtis is mentioned as a delivery point for Sunsweet in 1917 suggesting the company did survive.


Location Years Address Details
Los Gatos -1902 Cypress at University Avenue[4][5]
Los Gatos 1904 Santa Clara Road (former University Ave.)[6].
Los Gatos 1906, 1907 Santa Cruz Avenue City directory.
Los Gatos[7] 1917


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