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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

Red Bluff

Sanitary Fruit Company was a California-based dried fruit packer with operations in multiple cities. A 1907 article mentions plants at Red Bluff and Edenvale[1]. The company was sold to H.P. Stice in 1911[2]; H.P. Stice was still the head of the company in 1917[3]. The company was building a new packing house at Vina in 1910[4].

Sanitary Fruit bought the Alameda County Fruit Company in 1917[5]. The company packed for the California Peach Growers Association in 1920[6].


Location Years Address Details
Edenvale 1907, 1911
Red Bluff 1907, 1920 Destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1920[7].
Sacramento 1907 Main office


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