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Main Location

San Jose, California


The Santa Clara Produce Company was a cannery organized by Japanese farmers in the Santa Clara Valley. The organization bought the former Alba Canning Company cannery in July, 1921 from Anthony Greco for $65,000[1][2]. Kiyoshi Horie was president of the organization. The group planned to can strawberries, and later fruits and vegetables.

Anthony Greco had owned four-fifths of the Alba cannery stock. After the sale, he intended to focus on his salt business in Redwood City. He eventually returned to the canning business with the Greco Canning Company.

The Santa Clara Produce Company shut down in 1936. (Same company?) Sol Tarantino, who had been handling their celery packing business, brought it to a new employer[3].

The company advertised for women to work for canning beans and fruit in August 1921[4].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1921 8th and Taylor?


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