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Main Location

San Jose

1939 - 1996

Sun Garden Packing was a tomato, vegetable, and fruit canner in San Jose. The company operated from 1939 to 1996, finally closing because the fields had moved far away from the cannery[1][2]. Their cannery on South First Street burned down in 2002[3].

Sun Garden was founded by the DiNaopoli family[4] in 1939 canning apricots in a former distillery. The company bought the former Bisceglia Brothers cannery on South First Street in 1948. The company specialized in tomato packing; in later years, the site was used by the American Can Company.

The South First Street cannery was towards the back of the lot along the pre-1935 Southern Pacific main line tracks. The area along South First Street held worker housing and other businesses; by the 1960's, the company had torn these down, and opened the land for commercial businesses along the busy street.[5].

A 1941 video shows the harvest and packing of asparagus at Sun Garden[6]


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1948-1996 1598 Monterey Highway


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