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San Jose's Fourth Street Industrial District was a collection of canneries and packing houses immediately south of downtown San Jose along the former Southern Pacific main line from San Jose to Gilroy.

The area showed signs of development before 1900; the area grew consistently from then on with the Barron-Gray (and later Dole) cannery expanding over time, American Can building a new plant in the early 1920's, and Beech-Nut, Mayfair, and other companies opening plants further south in the 1940's along Monterey Highway (Sun Garden Packing) Fourth, and Seventh Streets.

The former mainline trackage was cut off at the south end after the construction of the bypass through West San Jose, but the area continued as an industrial district into the 1960's and 1970's. After the canneries closed, the area was an underused area for light industry, though housing started to appear in the neighborhood around 2000.