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Main Location

San Jose

George N. Herbert Packing Company

Pacific Coast Canners was a canning company in the western United States. Evidence exists for the company existing as early as 1928; a Trustee's Sale report[1] noted that the company had been registered in California, had land in Alameda and Santa Clara County, and was having its Ogden property sold at auction.

The company produced catsup; the FDA once destroyed adulterated catsup produced by the company[2]

A newspaper article about incorrectly weighted lug boxes suggests that Pacific Coast Canners had a plant in Oakland in 1930[3] Boxes shrank by weight when dried, cutting the money given to growers.

The company suffered a strike in 1935[4].

The Oakland cannery burned down in a fire on July 6, 1938[5].

Pacific Coast Canners in San Jose

In San Jose, Pacific Coast Canners operated a plant at the former George N. Herbert Packing Company plant on the south side of downtown San Jose. The first mention of the company is in 1928 when the company attempted to build a new spur and warehouse. The spur on Keyes Street upset nearby property owners because Keyes was an arterial thoroughfare[6]. The warehouse went up in mid 1928 at Fourth and Keyes:[7]

"INDUSTRIAL building, one-story, $20,000 Fourth and Keyes Sts., San Jose; owner. Pacific Coast Canners, Third and Keyes Sts., San Jose; architect. Company draftsman; contractor, Lindgren & Swinerton, 225 Bush Street. San Francisco."


Location Years Address Details
Ogden 1928 20th and Lincoln

Buildings still exist

San Jose 1927 Third and Keyes


Provo: Boxcar in front of Pacific Coast Canners, Ogden.


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