William Leet

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William Leet
Employer Salsina Packing and Canning Company
Occupation Cannery manager, real estate salesman

William Leet was a San Jose real estate and insurance salesman, and manager for the Salsina Packing and Canning Company during 1919. Leet was born in Wisconsin in 1874, but moved to California by 1900. He married Winifred McLaughlin, the daughter of Edward McLaughlin, who was the owner of the San Jose Safe Deposit Bank[1].

Leet appeared in the news in 1902 when he and James Rea attempted to buy shares in the Pacific Improvement Company from James Dougherty's heirs declaring that upcoming law changes in San Jose would force the heirs to pay high assessments for Doughtery's companies[2].

In 1919, Leet was the treasurer and general manager for Salsina Packing and Canning Company. His obituary also claims he was a land buyer for the Southern Pacific.

In 1920, Leet bought the Clark Mansion on the Alameda between Schiele Ave and Pershing Ave, and tore down William Clark's mansion on the property. Two years later, George Lo Bono threatened to blow up the mansion unless a ransom was paid[3]


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