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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

Los Gatos

1885 - 1917

Grayhound, San Joaquin[1]

Curtis Fruit Packing was a northern California raisin packer operating around the beginning of the 20th century. The company had offices in San Francisco, with a packing house in Fresno in the San Joaquin Valley. (A biography of William Francis Toomey claims Curtis Fruit was based in New York[2].) The company sold 22,000 cases of raisins in 1886[3].

John K. Curtis was the president in 1892. The Vice-President and Superintendent in 1888 was John Wesley North, an 1841 grad of Wellseley and a lawyer[4].

The company was apparently unrelated to H.D. Curtis in Los Gatos.


Location Years Address Details
Fresno 1885[5] Packing house also claimed to be in Oleander, 23 miles southeast of Fresno[6].


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