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Cannery, dried fruit packer
Main Location

San Jose, CA

~1900 - 1919

California Prune and Apricot Growers, Smith-Frank Packing Company

George Frank and Company was a turn-of-the-century dried fruit packer in San Jose, operating from around 1900 to the early 1920's. Frank's earliest plant was on the "west side" (Cupertino) area around 1900, appearing in a list of drop-off sites for the California Cured Fruit Association. In 1901, George Frank and Company was operating at Race and San Carlos (in the former E. E. Thomas Fruit Company plant, but burned to the ground on December 24, 1901[1]. Within a couple years, Frank had relocated southwest of downtown San Jose along Meridian Road at Paula St. in a building that likely pre-dated the company. Frank's new plant attracted workers in the 1902 season by having an orchestra play during working hours[2]. A large addition was added in 1903[3].

By 1910, personal issues caused challenges for Frank, with news reports of a messy divorce and claims for money and the business[4]. The business and land no longer appeared on Meridian Avenue at that time, but appears on Alum Rock Ave. by 1917.

Frank's packing house was leased to Sunsweet in 1917, and was sold to the California Prune and Apricot Growers by June 1920. He started a separate company with D. L. Smith, the Smith-Frank Canning Company, after 1917, then sold a cannery to the George N. Herbert Packing Company in 1919, moved to Sacramento and reorganized as the Smith-Frank Packing Company. The new company claimed it would operate canning and dried fruit packing plants at Sacramento and maintain an office in San Jose[5]. The company was still in existence as late as 1922[6].


Location Years Address Details
Sacramento 1919 12th and B Street.[7]
San Jose -1901 San Carlos at Race St. Former E. E. Thomas Fruit Company plant? Burned in 1901[8].
San Jose 1901-1911 Meridian Road near Paula

"Meridian cor narrow gauge[9] Burned 1913[10][11].

San Jose 1917 Alum Rock Ave[12]
West Side 1900

In San Francisco Call list of drop-off locations for California Cured Fruit Assn.


Sunsweet Plant #10, Alum Rock Age, San Jose (former George Frank and Company plant): History San Jose.


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