S. J. Spoelstra

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dried fruit packer
Main Location

San Jose


Siebren. J. Spoelstra was the builder of a potential fruit drying plant on Race Street in San Jose. The company announced plans for a two story drying plant in 1919. The builder was Robert Summers, and architect was Binder and Curtis[1][2]. The building would be concrete, two story, and "exceptionally well-lit[3]. (Perhaps the future United States Products cannery?)

The company had been assigned a patent on dehydrating machinery[4][5][6].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1919 Race Street near Southern Pacific tracks


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  2. Pacific Coast Dehydrating Plants: August 1919 Western Canner and Packer. The plant was to be built near the SP tracks.
  3. Dehydrating Plant: In August 1919 Architect and Engineer.
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