Trying to understand how the San Jose - Los Gatos branch operated can be a challenge, now that 75 years have passed since the time I model. I use railroad diagrams and other paperwork to understand track arrangements and local industries, some viewed at libraries, and others bought. Here's a list of Southern Pacific engineering drawings I've collected; all are available on Flickr for your viewing pleasure. The full photos is at
Alameda Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Fernside Blvd." "Pearl St." "Versailles St."
western-A-494-1, 1940-08-05
Alameda Trackage Serving N. Clark and Son
Keywords: "Pacific Ave" "Fourth St." "Clark & Sons Pottery"
western-A-488-1, 1940-06-29
Alameda Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Broadway" "Eagle Ave" "house" "Pancoast Tract"
western-A-478, 1940-05-24
Alameda Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Encinal Ave" "Morton St"
western-A-518-1, 1941-01-27
Alameda Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Lincoln Ave" "Railroad Ave" "Minturn St" "Fassking Park"
western-A-516-1, 1941-01-21
Alameda Facilities to be Abandoned
Keywords: "Lincoln Ave" "Fifth St" "Main St" "Pacific Ave" "Encinal Ave""High St Station"
western-A-525-1, 1941-02-24
Alameda Proposed Adjustment in Use of Property
Keywords: "Fernside Blvd" "Alameda Pier" "IER Tracks abandoned"
western-A-524-1, 1941-02-21
Albany Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Solano Ave" "Masonic Ave" tower "Key Route Blvd" "AT&SF"
western-A-517-1, 1941-01-23
Alviso Remove Freight Platform
Keywords: "El Dorado St."
western-A-529, 1941-04-08
Antioch Abandon Stock Corral
Keywords: station
western-A-476, 1940-04-20
Aptos Prop. Private Xing for Earl W. Heple Company
Keywords: "shoofly track" "milepost 113.1"
coast-27633, 1948-03-19
Army Point Proposed Road Crossing
Keywords: Benecia wharf
western-A-507, 1941-05-27
Avon Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Standard Oil" "Avon School" "AT&SF"
western-A-473-1, 1940-03-01
Bayshore Proposed Repairs to Plank Walks Along Inbound Track - North Side of Roundhouse
Keywords: "San Francisco" "engine service"
coast-27256, 1946-06-22
Bayshore Proposed Rearrangement of Tracks
Keywords: "east end of yard" "numbered tracks"
coast-27252, 1946-06-19
Bayshore Proposed Location of Maintenance of Way Buildings
Keywords: "Bayshore Highway" "Carpenter Shop" "Electrical Shop" blacksmith
coast-27329, 1946-10-30
Belmont Tracks for Harbor Development Company et. al
Keywords: "County Road" "State Highway" "Harbor Blvd."
coast-27223, 1946-05-12
Belmont Proposed Spur Track Crossings of Alley (Unimproved) & Harbor Blvd.
Keywords: County Road
coast-27323-2, 1946-10-30
Berkeley Retire Crossovers
Keywords: "Cleveland St." "Washington St." Stege Bates
western-B-963-1, 1946-06-12
Berkeley Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Grayson St" "Hall Scott Motor Car Company" "Heinz Ave"
western-B-969-1, 1946-08-13
Berkeley Rearrange Trackage Cutter Laboratory Track Crossing
western-B-959-1, 1946-05-17
Berkeley Proposed Sale of Property
Keywords: "Tilden Lumber Company" "Second St" "Hearst Ave" "Delaware St""freight station" "Pacific Guano and Fertilizer Company"
western-B-987-1, 1947-02-18
Berkeley Renew Crossing
Keywords: "Ashby Ave" "Murray St" H.C. Ryker" "Hygenic Dog Food Co""Chas Hughes Co" "H.J. Heinz Corp"
western-B-972-1, 1946-09-05
Berkeley Spur Track Serving Sherman Bros
Keywords: "Industrial Mineral and Chemical Co" "Miller Wood Products Co""Pacific Coast Aggregates Inc" "Fifth Street" "Gilman St"
western-B-992-1, 1947-03-18
Berkeley Proposed Track Raise and Paving of Ashby St
Keywords: "Adeline St" "Ashby Ave" "Emerson St" "Key Route"
western-B-980-1, 1947-11-27
Berkeley Proposed Pipe Crossing
Keywords: "Lewis and McDermott Wholesale Butchers" corral "Carbide Plant" "F.T. Judd""Assoc Indust" "Harrison St"
western-B-967-1, 1946-07-31
Berkeley Proposed Pipe Crossing
Keywords: "Stauffer Chemical", "Anthony St" "Heinz Ave" 5th St"
western-B-990-1, 1947-03-15
Berkeley Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Air Reduction Sale Co" "Pacific Meat and Packing"
western-B-954-1, 1946-04-13
Berkeley Rail Renewal
Keywords: "University Ave" "Eldorado Oil" "Delaware St"
western-B-986-1, 1948-04-02
Bethany Proposed Pipeline Crossing
Keywords: "Hansen Road"
western-B-985, 1946-12-30
Brentwood Improve Living Quarters for Telegrapher
Keywords: station "Union Ice" "packing house" "install drain board"
western-B-966-1, 1946-07-29
Broadway Proposed Team Track and Driveway
Keywords: "Caroline Ave" "California Drive" "Kaiser Paving" station
coast-27232, 1946-05-11
Burlingame Portion of station platform to be resurfaced
Keywords: "Howard Ave." "South Lane"
coast-27332, 1946-11-02
California Ave. Data for Crossing Frog to be constructed by A. D. Schader Co. for Horabins Inc.
Keywords: Metalead
coast-27258, 1946-06-22
Campbell-Le Franc Proposed Sale of Land to A. J. Melanso
Keywords: "Almaden Road" "Elwood Road"
coast-27590, 1948-01-21
Castroville Proposed Track to Serve California Artichoke and Vegetable Growers Corp.
Keywords: "Del Monte Ave."
coast-27236, 1946-06-03
Centerville Abandon Milk Platform
Keywords: "State Highway" "Williams Bros Packing House" "H.P. Garin Packing House"station
western-C-323-2, 1940-05-01
Chualar Proposed Roadway for Use by Southern Pacific Milling Co.
Keywords: "Main St.", "Salinas Valley Ice Co"
coast-27356, 1946-12-06
Davis Pathway and Electrolier West of Station
Keywords: "State Highway", "Oak St." wye "Motor car take off"
western-D-271, 1940-12-5
Gilroy Proposed Trace to Serve Gymkhana Assn Property
Keywords: "State Highway 101" "Casey Road" "Gilroy Grange"
coast-27325, 1940-01-01
Gilroy Spur to Serve J. Gruber
Keywords: "Luchessa Ave" "Monterey Road"
coast-27225, 1946-06-10
Grover Proposed Spur to serve J&M Packing Corporation
Keywords: "Fourth St." "Manhattan Ave." "Seabright Ave."
coast-27330, 1946-10-31
Grover Proposed Spur to serve J&M Packing Corporation
Keywords: "Fourth St." "Manhattan Ave." "Seabright Ave."
coast-27330-2, 1947-08-13
Hillsdale Proposed Extension of Platform
Keywords: "David D. Bohannon" "Hillsdale Ave" station
coast-27210-2, 1946-04-30
Lick Possible Trackage to Serve Valley View Packing Co.
Keywords: "Hillsdale Ave." "section house"
coast-27573, 1947-12-26
Livermore Proposed Lease to Walter C. Motta
Keywords: "Independent Warehouse Co" station "Arend Warehouse Co""Railroad Ave"
western-L-416-1, 1946-10-01
Livermore Vicinity Plan: Proposed Quitclaim
Keywords: "South Livermore Ave" First St"
western-L-470-1, 1948-09-08
Livermore Proposed Quitclaim
Keywords: "Cresta Blanca" "Livermore Ave" "Arendt Warehouse Co" station "Sang Lee Co""Railroad Ave"
western-L-426-1, 1947-02-21
Lorenzo Plot Plan
Keywords: "Hesperian Road"
western-L-422-1, 1946-12-13
Lorenzo Richfield Oil Co Lease
Keywords: station "County Road"
western-L-400-1, 1946-03-16
Lorenzo Spur to Serve Henry J. Kaiser Company
Keywords: "Richfield Oil Co" station "County Road"
western-L-397-1, 1946-03-04
Los Medanos Proposed Improvements to County Highway
Keywords: "State Highway" "County Road D-1" "Port Costa"
western-L-438, 1947-08-18
Maybury Possible Industrial Development by James A. Clayton & Co.
Keywords: "Berryessa Road" "San Jose Meat Company"
coast-27328, 1946-10-29
Newark Proposed moving scales
Keywords: "Newark station"
western-N-535, 1948-05-17
Newark Track Repairs James Graham Manufacturing Co.
Keywords: "Carter St."
western-N-536, 1945-05-01
Newark Proposed sale of land
Keywords: "Grove St." "Wells Ave." "Bane Ave."
western-N-538, 1945-06-08
Newark Relocate Driveway
Keywords: "Entrance to Residence" "Joe Caldeira" "Dairy Ave"
western-N-544, 1945-08-13
Newark Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Thornton Ave." "Ast St." "Decoto" station "section qtrs"
western-N-534-1, 1945-04-19
No station 130 LB P.S. Section Templates Showing Wear
Keywords: "engineering specification" "rail shape" "high magnesium rail"
western-A-475, 1940-01-01
Oakland Proposed Sanitary Facilities
Keywords: "freight station" "california soda company" buffalo bottling works""corral" "commissary warehouse"
western-O-2417-1, 1946-07-17
Oakland Proposed Lease for Universal Carloading Co.
Keywords: "7th and Fallon Sts" "Borman Steel" "Abraham Shapiro Co"
western-O-2458-2, 1947-03-22
Oakland Proposed Lease for Universal Carloading Co.
Keywords: "7th and Fallon Sts" "Borman Steel" "Abraham Shapiro Co"
western-O-2458-1, 1947-03-22
Oakland First and Broadway: Relocate PG&E Pole
Keywords: "Second St" "Washington St" "Standard Mill Co""Strable Hardwood Mfg Co" station
western-O-2463-1, 1947-05-05
Oakland Renewal of Paving Between Tracks 13 & 15
Keywords: "train sheds"
western-O-2553-1, 1948-06-14
Oakland Vicinity Plan
Keywords: "yard office" "recreation shanty" "Independent Iron Works"
western-O-2554-1, 1948-06-14
Oakland Vicinity Plan
Keywords: "Wood St" "AT&SF" "Sixth St" "yard office""bridge streetcar trestle"
western-O-2555-1, 1948-06-15
Oakland Proposed Mail Racks
western-O-2423-1, 1946-07-14
Oakland Proposed Realignment of W.P. - S.P. Transfer Track
Keywords: "Adeline St." "Chestnut St." "Western Pacific"
western-O-2460-1, 1947-04-11
Oakland Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Peralta St." "Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Co." "26th St.""Merco Nordstrom Valve Co" "Kirkham St."
western-O-2439-1, 1946-11-01
Oakland Proposed Sale
Keywords: "60th St" "Stanford St" "California St"
western-O-2440-1, 1946-11-4
Oakland Proposed Lease
Keywords: "14th St" "Pine St" "Merchants Express Corp" "Railway Express Co"
western-O-2443-1, 1946-12-19
Oakland Proposed Paving
Keywords: "Armour & Company" "California Steel Co" "section quarters"
western-O-2453-1, 1947-02-21
Oakland Spur-Associated Iron and Metals Co
Keywords: "Peralta St" "28th St" "Poplar St" "Kirkham St"
western-O-2444-1, 1946-12-26
Oakland Relocate Offices and Platforms for Commissary Warehouse
Keywords: "5th Street" "Freight Station" "Kirkham St"
western-O-2448-1, 1947-02-03
Oakland Property Purchased
Keywords: "Seventh St" "Goss St" Cedar St"
western-O-2445-1, 1946-12-27
Oakland Proposed Track Change-S.T. Johnson
Keywords: "Lowell St" AT&SF "Stanford Ave"
western-O-2424-1, 1946-08-12
Oakland Vicinity Plan Pier and Terminal Sts
Keywords: "Orient St" "Pier St" "City Warehouse" "Rosenberg Brothers""General Petroleum Company" "Western Sulfur Company""Terminal Oil Pier"
western-O-2606-1, 1949-03-29
Oakland Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Cedar St" "10th St" "Irving Subway Grating Company"
western-O-2600-2, 1949-03-30
Oakland Proposed Sign
Keywords: "Seventh St" "Cedar St" "main line"
western-O-2567-1, 1948-07-23
Oakland Proposed Lease
Keywords: "Railway Express Co", "A.C. Paving" "16th Street Station" station
western-O-2605-1, 1949-03-15
Oakland Renew High Street Crossing
Keywords: "East 12th St"
western-O-2410-1, 1947-05-29
Oakland Calling Limits for Trainmen Etc
western-O-2580-1, 1948-10-18
Oakland Proposed Private Crossing
Keywords: "California Wire Cloth Corp" Embarcadero "East Shore Freeway""Western Pacific"
western-O-2582-1, 1948-10-21
Oakland Proposed Sanitary Facilities (Desert Yard)
Keywords: "Wood St" "AT&SF Yard" "Desert Yard" "Chemicals Inc"
western-O-2589-1, 1948-12-15
Oakland (5th & Kirkham) Widen Freight Platform and Install Buffer
Keywords: "freight station" "commissary warehouse" corral
western-O-2457-1, 1947-03-17
Oakland Pier Proposed Poster Boards
western-O-2419-1, 1946-07-18
Oakland Pier Drafting Board
western-O-2594-1, 1949-01-10
Oakland Pier Remove Portion of Ferry Slip
western-O-2575-1, 1948-09-17
Oakland Yard Retire Crossover
Keywords: "Chestnut St" "Linden St" "California Packing Corporation" "Del Monte""A Ferer & Co"
western-O-2560-1, 1948-06-30
Oakland Yard Proposed Compressor Bldg & Air Lines
Keywords: "22nd St" "U.S. Army Overpass"
western-O-2561-1, 1948-07-07
Oakland Yard 7th Street Underpass Showing Minimum Vertical Clearance
western-O-2608-1, 1949-02-07
Oakland-16th Street Proposed Lease - Station Baggage Room
western-O-2607-1, 1949-04-04
Oakland-16th Street Proposed Location of Telephone Booths
Keywords: station
western-O-2598-1, 1949-01-19
Oakland-19th Avenue Spur Tracks Serving California Wire Cloth Corp.
western-O-2601-1, 1949-01-24
Oakland-98th Street Proposed Pipe Crossing
Keywords: "Bancroft Ave"
western-O-2592-1, 1949-01-13
Oakland-Chevrolet Proposed Sewer Crossing
Keywords: "Bancroft Ave" "100th Ave"
western-O-2574-1, 1948-09-10
Oakland-Chevrolet Proposed 220 Volt - 3 Phase Service to Chevrolet Plant #1
Keywords: "73rd Ave" "Todd Street"
western-O-2429-1, 1946-10-01
Oakland-Chevrolet Chevrolet Yard #1 Proposed Work
western-O-2608-1, 1949-04-09
Pabrico Spur Track to Serve International Wood Products Co.
Keywords: "Kraft Tile Co." Fremont Niles
western-P-386, 1941-10-01
Pacsteel Proposed Industry Trackage
Keywords: "Kieckhefer Container Co" "King St" "19th Ave" "Dennison St" OaklandEmbarcadero
western-P-380-1, 1941-06-17
Paso Robles Proposed Spur to Serve Paso Robles Farm Supply Center
Keywords: "Southern Pacific Mill Co." "R.D. Pelton" "E.C. Livingston" "Railroad Street" "10th Street" "11th Street"
coast-27554, 1947-11-13
Port Chicago Proposed Lease
Keywords: corral station AT&SF
western-P-381-1, 1941-06-28
Prattco Proposed Spur to Serve Granite Construction Company
Keywords: "State Highway 1", "Fort Ord Village"
coast-27221, 1946-05-14
Redwood City Correct Drainage at Monroe St.
Keywords: "Maple St" "Wilson St" "Redwood Materials Co" "San Mateo Feed and Fuel Co"
coast-27631, 1948-03-20
Redwood City Proposed Trackage to Serve Burroughs Adding Machine Co.
Keywords: "Territo's" "Redwood Wholesale Grocery Co" "Ray T. Ebert Co""Douglas Ave" "Broadway"
coast-27832-2, 1949-06-30
Redwood City Proposed Spur to Serve the Plant Rubber and Asbestos Co
Keywords: "Redwood Harbor" "Hetch-Hetchy Acqueduct"
coast-27251, 1946-06-18
San Carlos Proposed Trackage to Serve Sequoia Manufacturing Company
Keywords: "County Road" "Mathews Conveyor" "Kuster Laboratories""Chemical Affiliates" "Modern Appliance"
coast-27837, 1949-08-02
San Carlos Track Serving San Carlos Feed and Fuel Co
Keywords: "Bransten Road" "Associated Chemical" "County Road"
coast-27242, 1946-06-10
San Francisco Proposed Abandonment
Keywords: "Seventeenth St" "Misissippi St" "Missouri St" "Judson Pacific Murphy Corp""Quaker State Oil Co" "Independent Smelting Refining Co""J. Thorpe & Son" " "Owens-Illinois Glass Co" "Pennzoil Co"
coast-27244, 1946-06-12
San Francisco Quint St. at Jerrold Ave Proposed Paving for Dickinson Lumber Co
Keywords: stockyards
coast-27836, 1949-07-30
San Francisco Proposed Construction at Track Serving M. Fisher Property
Keywords: "San Francisco Sulfur Co" "Schoup Ave" "Bayshore Blvd"
coast-27337, 1946-11-06
San Francisco Resurfacing Tracks #616 and #622 Bet 6th and 7th on Townsend St.
Keywords: "Walkup Drayage and Warehouse" "Burns Drayage" "Swift & Co" "Dallman Supply"
coast-27347, 1946-11-17
San Francisco Proposed Track to Serve Kraft Cheese Co
Keywords: "Truscon Steel" "Carroll Ave" "Newhall St"
coast-27245, 1946-06-12
San Francisco Pipe Reinforcement Over Sewer for Spur Serving Hobenicht & Howlett
coast-27566, 1947-12-12
San Francisco Possible Track Changes at 7th and Berry Sts
Keywords: "Derrick Platform"
coast-27318, 1946-10-16
San Francisco Possible Track Changes at 7th and Berry Sts (with colors)
Keywords: "Derrick Platform"
coast-27318-color, 1946-10-16
San Francisco Trackage Serving A.D. Schader
Keywords: "Bancroft Ave" "Ingalls Ave" "Carroll Ave" "Hunters Point" "Navy tracks"derail
coast-26537-3, 1945-02-14
San Francisco Trackage Serving San Francisco Grocery Realty Co
Keywords: "Pacific Can" "Williams Ave" "Carroll Ave" "Newhall St" "Phelps St"
coast-27649, 1948-04-01
San Francisco Possible Renewal of Rail and Turnouts on Bluxome St Lead
Keywords: "Brannan St" "Townsend St" "Fourth St" "Paraffine Cos""Hercules Equipment and Rubber Co" "Fairbanks-Morse" "Terminal Warehouse""Petri Wine Co" "Kingan & Co"
coast-27619, 1948-03-04
San Francisco Spur Track Serving South End Warehouse Co
Keywords: "Kelly St" "Brannan St" "Townsend St"
coast-27359, 1946-12-10
San Francisco Renew Double Slip Switch
Keywords: station "Townsend St" "Sixth St"
coast-27335, 1946-11-04
San Francisco Restoring Original Tracks to Grade #616-#622 Between 6th and 7th
Keywords: "vertical elevation chart"
coast-27270, 1946-7-9
San Francisco Proposed Spur to Serve Golden Brand Bottling Co
Keywords: "McKinon St" "Upton St" "Western Pacific" "Jerrold Ave"
coast-27577, 1948-01-05
San Francisco 14th Ave Showing Grade on Quint St
coast-25924, 1940-08-15
San Francisco Joint Track R/W to be Acquired From C.L. Harney
Keywords: "AT&SF" "Irwin St" "16th St"
coast-27588, 1948-01-20
San Francisco Proposed Spur to Serve U.S. Rubber Co
Keywords: "Egbert Ave" "Newhall St" "Kroehler Manufacturing" "Leo A Metten"
coast-27571, 1947-12-23
San Francisco Lease to City & County of San Francisco, Sub-lease to Ben Berman
Keywords: "Evans Ave" "R. Levin Co" "Toland St" Selby "Marine Corps"
coast-27725-2, 1948-10-25
San Francisco Proposed Track Repairs on Townsend and Division Streets
Keywords: "Division St" "Kansas St"
coast-27809, 1949-05-02
San Francisco Proposed Lease of Railroad Owned Track King Street
Keywords: "Berry St" "Second St" "Townsend St" Hershey "Given Manufacturing""Permacel Tape" "Abbott Cole & DeGraf" "California Pacific Title Company""Bemiss-Jason Co" "Laskey Drayage" "Hearst Publications" "S&C Motors""California Builders Hardware Co"
coast-27807-1, 1949-04-28
San Francisco Proposed Spur and Track Realignment for Link-Belt Co
Keywords: "Paul Ave"
coast-27530, 1947-10-09
San Francisco Proposed Repairs Ocean Shore Railway
Keywords: "12th St" "Harrison St" "Division St" "Florida St"
coast-27525, 1947-09-27
San Francisco Track Serving Independent Oil Co And R.N. Nason Co.
Keywords: "Stauffer Chemical" pipeline "Utah Ave" "Potrero Ave"
coast-27524, 1947-09-27
San Francisco Proposed Raising of Track #609 Serving the Grinell Co
Keywords: "Fifth St" "Bluxome St" "Brannon St" "Townsend St"
coast-27314, 1946-10-02
San Francisco Proposed Spur to Serve A.R. Reid Co
Keywords: "Brancroft Ave" "Ingalls Ave" "Naval Housing Project" "A.D. Schrader""Hunters Point"
coast-27544, 1947-10-20
San Francisco Detail Sketch of Proposed Curb in Townsend St
coast-27347-2, 1947-05-13
San Francisco-Mission Bay Platform for Levy-Zentner at Kentucky Street Warehouse
Keywords: "Third Street"
coast-27249, 1946-06-18
San Francisco-Mission Bay Proposed Sale of Property to California Hardware and Steel Co
Keywords: "Iowa St" "AT&SF" "Mariposa St" "Tunnel #1"
coast-27808-2, 1949-09-12
San Francisco-Mission Bay Proposed Track Repairs on Townsend and Division Streets orig
Keywords: "Tunnel #1
coast-27808, 1949-05-02
San Francisco-Mission Bay Proposed Sidewalk, Mariposa St
Keywords: "engine terminal" "tunnel 1"
coast-27235, 1946-06-01
San Francisco-North Point Relocate Derail Laminated Paperboard
Keywords: "Columbus Ave" "Musto & Keenan" "Beach St" "Conditioning House"
coast-25578-2, 1948-01-08
San Francisco-North Point Street Proposed Location Auto Unloading Platform
Keywords: "Beach St" "Jones St" "Leavenworth St" "Conditioning House"
coast-27336, 1946-11-06
San Jose Proposed Additional Spur for Richmond-Chase Co.
Keywords: "Stockton Ave." "Lenzen Ave." "Cinnabar St."
coast-25929, 1941-01-24
San Jose Proposed Spur Track to Serve E. W. Heple
Keywords: "7th Street"
coast-27238, 1946-06-04
San Jose Proposed Shelter for Garbage Cans
Keywords: "San Jose Cahill St. station"
coast-27341, 1946-11-18
San Jose Proposed Spur to Serve Jacob Finger Property
Keywords: "Bayshore Highway" "11th Street"
coast-27355, 1946-12-05
San Jose Spur Track to Serve Sunlite Bakery
Keywords: "Park Ave." "Kearney St." "Montgomery St."
coast-27357, 1946-12-05
San Jose Sale of Land to Sunlite Bakery
Keywords: "Park Ave." "Kearney St." "Montgomery St."
coast-27357-2, 1947-03-07
San Jose Proposed Spur to Serve Gagliardi Bros
Keywords: "Rosa St." "North 9th Street"
coast-27360, 1946-12-10
San Jose Proposed Grade Crossing at Rosa Str.
Keywords: "North 10th Street" "North 9th Street" "Rosa St."
coast-27505, 1947-08-29
San Jose Team Track Driveway to be Resurfaced
Keywords: "Auzerais St." "Lincoln Ave."
coast-27513, 1947-09-04
San Jose Proposed relocation of Spur serving Geo. Raggio Conc. Pipe Co.
Keywords: "Polhemus St." "Taylor St." "Stockton Ave."
coast-27579, 1948-01-10
San Jose Bayshore Highway Crossing D.A. 45.2 C
Keywords: "Berryessa Road"
coast-27587, 1948-01-17
San Jose Proposed Track to Serve Floor Service Co.
Keywords: "Sunol St." "Auzerais St."
coast-27641, 1948-04-01
San Jose Retire Portion of Track 535
Keywords: "Bassett St." "San Pedro St." "Julian St." "New St."
coast-27749, 1948-12-09
San Jose Rearrange track serving San Martin Vineyards
Keywords: "Lincoln Ave." "Auzerais St." "Low Temp Corp."
coast-27834, 1949-06-29
San Jose Proposed track to serve Floor Service Co.
Keywords: "Sunol St." "Auzerais St." "Standard Oil" "Del Monte" "Western Pacific"
coast-27641, 1948-04-01
San Jose Proposed Starting Lights on Station Platform
Keywords: "Cahill St. Station"
coast-27543, 1947-10-20
San Luis Obispo Proposed Location of Car Body
Keywords: "Bushnell St." "Lorraine Terrace"
coast-27358, 1946-12-6
Santa Clara Resurface Team Track Driveway
Keywords: "Rosenberg Brothers" "Sherman St" "Fremont St" "South Pacific Coast"
coast-27257, 1946-05-18
Santa Cruz Proposed Improvements to California St.
Keywords: "Bay St." "Redwood St."
coast-27831, 1949-06-24
Santa Cruz Proposed Lease to Nelson & Rugg
Keywords: "Redwood Fibre Products", "Sycamore St." carbodies, "Blackburn Ave"
coast-27237, 1946-06-04
Santa Cruz Possible Exchange of Property
Keywords: station "Washington St" "Pacific Ave"
coast-27344, 1946-11-18
Seabright Proposed Sidewalk on trestle MP 119.09
Keywords: "Woods Lagoon" "Twin Lakes" "Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Co"
coast-27234, 1946-05-31
Soledad Proposed Fence Abandonment
Keywords: "State Highway 101", "Front St."
coast-27253, 1946-07-19
South San Francisco Proposed Crossing Protection at Grand Ave
Keywords: "Bayshore Freeway" gatehouse
coast-27634-1, 1948-03-26
South San Francisco Proposed Spur and Extension for Drill Track to Serve P. Grassi & Co
Keywords: "Canal St" "Machinery and Equipment Co" "Linden Ave" "Golden Eagle Oil Co"
coast-27353, 1946-12-05
South San Francisco Proposed Spur to Serve the Chubbuck Lime Co
Keywords: "Presto Lite Co" "main line"
coast-27259, 1946-06-22
South San Francisco Proposed Grade Raise of Portion Baden Branch Through Orange Avenue
Keywords: "Railroad Ave" DoubtThisGotBuilt
coast-27576, 1948-01-08
Spreckels Jct Proposed Team Track Extension
Keywords: "Sanborn Road"
coast-27810, 1949-05-05
Waldorf Retire Overhead Crossing #279.47 & Grant Easement To State for Overhead Highway Crossing
coast-27570, 1947-12-17
Watsonville Junction Lease to J. G. Marinovich
coast-27572-2, 1947-12-26
West Oakland Construct Paved Roadway
Keywords: "Atlantic St" "5th St" "Diesel Shop" "commissary" "laundry""Cedar St"
western-O-2525-3, 1948-05-18
West Oakland Proposed Servicing Facilities
Keywords: "Cedar St" "Atlantic St" "Diesel Shop" "Signal Shop"
western-O-2525-1, 1948-02-05