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This time book describes the work done by James F. Hendershott, an SP fireman in Oregon, and lists the work he did from August to November, 1939 and August to December, 1940. Although James was based in Portland, he probably was somewhat junior and also hungry for work and experience. He worked in the Portland Brooklyn yards as well as Albany and Salem’s yard. He ran passenger and freight trains as far as Crescent Lake and Klamath Falls. He also worked out on the Tilamook branch near Timber, and spent weeks in Salem, Eugene, and Albany.

Interesting details

The overtime column often shows the initials TD (“terminal delay”, or additional pay for not being able to return to the yard), and HAHT (“held away from home terminal”).

* The variations in pay are large; James got lower pay on days when he was just doing yard work, but did much better when overtime and long-distance trains bumped the base pay.

If you see something interesting in the data, let me know. Also, if you’re interested in researching James’s work more closely and need better scans of pages, drop me a note.